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Testimonials about Our Arabian Horse Training

 Nancy you are One of The Best Trainers/Handlers I have ever met in 49 years experience with Arabian Horses.  Just maybe THE BEST!!

I admire you so much, with your approach and follow through not at least to mention your love and understanding of the breed. You are the most Classical trainer I have ever met, I have never seen a hint of frustration or abuse of a horse in your care.  You seem to be able to take each individual horse with what ever issue comes with them, let them be a horse again and take it from there,as if an issue really never could be overcome with out an understanding of Just how it may have originated, with a fresh overdo. You are truly a horse person with a love of horse and owner relationships.  I have had the pleasure to observe you for a few years in person and got to really see the true actions of horses under your care.  I have had horses in training with several other "Big name" barns and feel you are able to give a more one on one approach.  I would just like to say..My Hat is Off to You Lady!!-  Jeanne Pyne 

"Nancy Waite trains the horse as an athlete to be physically and mentally able to perform it's sport; then she brings a modern method of training coupled with sensitivity, an educated and analytical eye, and superb problem-solving skills to the discovery and promotion of that horse's talents. She's good to her clients and the horses love to show for her!" - Chris High


"Thanks to Nancy I have become a much better rider. From day one it was obvious that she was dedicated to helping me find success and most of all enjoy what I doing!" - Franziska Valerio


"Nancy is an incredible horse trainer.  I have seen horses go from hot and undpredictable messes to the most calm,gentle, mindful horses with incredible talent. She brings out their true talent and lets them excel at their own pace. 


Nancy has a true gift!  And you can rest assured that your horse is in the best of hands.  SHE CAN MAKE YOUR HORSE INTO THE NEXT SUPERSTAR!!"  - Dianne Wagmen. 


"I just want everyone to know what a phenomenal job you did with my boy "Flex"  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" - Deb James


"I highly recommend Foxcote Show Horses! Nancy has trained and evaluated several horses for me over the last 15 years and I am ALWAYS thrilled with the results. She has started horses for me, and finished out show horses. And at the end of the day I always bing home a sane, sound horse to enjoy." - Kerryanne Kennedy


"I have watched Nancy do "that thing she does" and it always amazes me.  Horses that were unrideable, and unusable at other trainers became talented and successful show horses"   - John Reever


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