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Horseback Riding Lessons at

The Riding Academy and School of Horsemanship

horse riding lessons

Our horseback riding lessons teach the bio-mechanics of effortless, effective horse riding.For Youth Horseback Riding teaches your kids discipline, it is an excellent outsided sport that develops self confidence and a sense of Individual accomplishment that is uniquely their own, unlike any other Team Sport. Taking Riding Lessons at our Riding Academy provides your kids invaluable attitudes of confidence and determination that will serve them the rest of their Lives .

For adults Horseback Riding provides an excellent alternative to the gym and mental reprieve from the business of everyday life Pysically it is a terrific core strength workout, along with increasing  leg strenth and improving  posture. Mentally while getting your focusing on guiding a 1000lb. gentle animal and your position, you enter a meditiative like state, that every adult comments no matter how challenging there day all the stress melts away and the feel refreshed,invigorated and a sense of accomplishment


At Foxcote Show Horses, we pride ourselves on teaching Horsemenship.  From the beginners just exploring the sport of Horses for the first time to accomplished and seasoned veterans of Competition.  We provide  instruction in all disciplines of horse riding, as well as, ground schooling. If you are interested in sharpening your Show Ring skills or taking up riding for the first time, our program is designed to build confidence and harmony on horseback.

Call for rates on Private or Traveling lessons. We can be reached at 717-324-2180. You can also contact us online.

Video consults are also available for riders looking to fine tune their skills.