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Some of us are born with a passion; a knowing in your heart what you were put on this
earth to do--some discover their "calling in life" as a young adult; still others don't
discover what gives meaning to their life until later in adulthood.

Nancy Waite-Howington, Arabian Show Horse Trainer

Nancy Waite-Howingtown Arabian Show Horse Trainer

Nancy is noted for her ability to "read a horse" and bring about outstanding performances. What sets the Foxcote Horse Training Program apart is Nancy's diverse and varied background working with the most respected trainers in the country in a variety of disciplines. Her love of Arabian horses started with her Aunt and Uncle's (William and Joanne Pennington) beautiful Arabian horses in Ohio, which is where she first sat on a horse and said her first word," A defiant NO!" when they tried to lift her off their Arabian Mare. At that moment it was clear to everyone that horses, inparticular Arabian horses were going to be her calling!

As a youngster, in addition to showing Arabians, she rode Saddlebred Show Horses with the renowned Greystone Farms, where she fell in love with high stepping Show Horses and perfected her equitation skills.

Her hometown of York, PA was part of the "Hub" for Hunters and Dressage, which gave her the opportunity to explore in her latter teenage years, Hunter/Jumpers and Dressage where she learned the importance of discipline and Classical Dressage training, which has remained the cornerstone of her training methods today.

With the inception of Foxcote Show Horses she has achieved success and wins from the Class A to the National Championships. A brief sampling of her wins include:

  • 2 time National Champion Purebred Arabian English Pleasure - Semi Finalist
  • Multiple East Coast and Regionals Championship wins in Arabian and Half-Arabian English Pleasure Open
  • Arabian Western Pleasure Jr. Horse
  • Arabian and Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure Open
  • Purebred Arabian as well as Half-Arabian Country Pleasure
  • Half-Arabian and Purebred Arabian Mare Halter Open
  • Half-Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle
  • Arabian and Half-Arabian Sport Horse in Hand

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For Nancy, her passion was revealed when she spoke one of her first words, a defiant "NO!" when her parents tried to remove her from the back of her cousins Arabian mare. Riding lessons soon followed, as Nancy set out to learn every aspect of horses and horsemanship. Nancy's childhood and adolescent years were spent studying and training with a variety of leading trainers in Saddlebreds, Hunter/Jumper, Dressage and of course Arabians!

While still in High School Nancy noticed that a majority of the most accomplished trainers and horses were located in California. Knowing that to be successful required more than talent and a "burning desire", she went straight to California as soon as she graduated from High School to learn from the best.

While in California, Nancy worked for some of the most notable trainers to include Dick Adams, Doug Leadley, Kit Hall, Larry Lewis Jr., and Ray LaCroix. Working and learning from such "Greats", she gained invaluable knowledge of not only training, but promotion, bloodlines (and how it relates to training), and show horse management. It also afforded her the opportunity to work with such notable horses as Bey Shah, Fame VF+, First Class, Fortunate Son, Swana, Aflame+, Tsultan Tsunrise, and Baskkhan to name a few.

After several successful years in California, an injury incurred during a training session forced Nancy to take a respite from the rigors of horse training. The hiatus took her home to Pennsylvania where she launched a career in the competitive field of Real Estate, where she was recognized as not only the youngest Realtor in her county board, but was consistently recognized as a Top Producer.

The need to fulfill her calling in life never ceased and in the mid 90's Nancy returned to training horses, taking with her new skills in business, sales, promotion, and customer service.

Currently Foxcote Show Horses has trained or retrained hundreds of horses and brought success to hundreds of clients not only of Arabian show horses, but with her varied background, provided clients with Warmbloods, Saddlebreds, Friesians, Akhel-Tekes, Thoroughbreds, Appaloosas and Andalusians the joy they were seeking in life through their horse experience.... Ask yourself .. Isn't that what it should be all about?


Our Passion is the Arabian and Half-Arabian Performance Horse!