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horse leading in barnWhile our focus is on Arabian Horses and the Show Ring;which is used as a measure of excellence, the Foxcote Training Program is proven effective on every breed of horse from wild Mustangs straight from the BLM, to the most seasoned show horses.  Nancy often laughs," I have trained  every breed of horse from the rare Akhel-Tekes and Warmbloods to all the show horse breeds (A to Z and everything in between - "I Just haven't trained a Zebra Yet!!").

Foxcote Show Horses, located in York, PA, offers an array of horse training services in all disciplines for our clients

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 As an accomplished Arabian Show Horse Trainer and Equine Behaviourist, Nancy believes strongly in teaching a horse in the language they understand with Natural Horsemanship to develop communication and a true partnership first. Once a willing partnership has been established she can refine a horses performance in it's chosen Sport and Discipline by utilizinging Classical Dressage Techniques and Modern Training Methods employed by the Industry's Leading Horse Trainers. The end result is a safe and happy horse who loves their job and is forever a joy to their owners!

We recognize that each horse is unique and each owner has individual needs. Some of our clients have goals of making a victory pass at the U.S. Arabian National Championships and others just want a willing, safe partner to enjoy - at Foxcote Show Horses we will help you realize your dreams and accomplish your goals!

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                     There is NOTHING more important than starting out right

There is nothing more true than the infinite value in making sure your horse is started out right.   In all my years of experience the one thing that ALWAYS stands out is how a horse has been started.  I have had the honor and privilege to train, and most frequently retrain a horse that has developed problems.  From Pleasure horses, to horses that have competed successfully at the National Level and then became "derailed" the underlying issue is - THEY DIDN'T GET WHAT THEY NEEDED WHEN THEY WERE STARTED.   What a horse requires in it's training takes a critical and knowledgable eye.  When it has been started correctly, learning and fully understanding in a comfortable relaxed manner, the foundation is there, always there to build on and always refer back to if the horse gets a little stuck as the years and training progress.  This makes for a very happy horse and one who's possibilites are endless.  As I mentioned I have most often had to "retrain" horses who have had some critical accomplishments but at some point  " has  fallen off the tracks", by not giving stellar preformances, or becoming down right unruly.

The Good News is it can be fixed!  With time and attention, going back and discovering at what point and where did the horse not recieve the essential training required.  To be clear, especially in the case of horses who seemed to be doing their job, often it's not that it was ommitted in their training; but the time needed and knowing that the horse fully understood is the culprit.  I have frequently experienced horses not properly learning the basic fundamentals of  how to carry themselves, or not even understanding the "dialog" of pressure and release. There are a meriad of possibilities as to the symptoms and the source of an issue and only an accomplished and experienced trainer can really have the knowledge required to get the best out of your horse

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